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Exceptional Outcomes is a consultancy specializing in solving complex business problems through operations research, predictive analytics, continuous improvement and customized software development. We deliver consulting, training and software applications to clients in both the private and public sectors.

We are unique in our ability to customize the integration of several management disciplines to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Unlike other consulting firms that evangelize the “method” or “process-based thinking” instead of directly solving the problem at hand, we pride ourselves in meeting our customer’s needs using the best means for the job. We do this by leveraging our extensive experience across various disciplines and calling on our extensive, virtually connected network of contributing subject matter experts when necessary. Most of our engagements result in delivering customized decision support systems so that our customers may continue to derive and optimize strategies long after the consulting engagement is over.

Whether virtual or on-site, we can provide you the operations management support you need to take your company to the next level.

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"We had Exceptional Outcomes evaluate our in-house equity trading models to determine if we could improve their effectiveness. They not only provided a comprehensive critique but also introduced us to modelling concepts from other disciplines that enhanced our platform. This resulted in a paradigm shift of how we use models that resulted in some fantastic returns, even in volatile markets."

– Chuck Borsuk, President
CJB Advent Partners, LLC

"Russ Sacks and his team are on the forefront of predictive modeling that drives significant cash lift and cash flow acceleration."

– Dwayne Keller, Executive Vice President of Operations and GM
Medical Reimbursements of America, LLC


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